Vintage Tag

Hello, darlings!

I thought it appropriate that the first post in this humble little corner of the internet I will call my blog was to Vintage Tag.

It’s been some time that this tag is rolling and after watching sensational tags of my dear Brazilians, and also considering the request of some darlings who waited patiently, is here!

Vintage Tag:

1) Who is your style icon?
2) What is your favorite way to get inspired?
3) What is your most used item of hair?
4) What is your favorite item of hair?
5) Hair: Hairstyle ? Up, down, or half and half
6) The vintage styling is something you do daily, on weekends or only on special occasions?
7) What is your blush / lipstick favorites?
8) Let’s talk fashion: dress, skirt or pants? High heels or sneakers?
9) Clothing: homemade / fabricate or have genuine vintage?
10) Do you dance swing dance?
11) Small touches of vintage incorporated into everyday looks or style head to toe?
12) What is your favorite perfume and skin care?
13) What do your family and friends think about your ‘style’?
14) What is your favorite accessory?
15) Do you think the vintage community warm and inviting or closed and prejudiced?
16) What led you to adhere to this style?

And you already answered this TAG? Put the link in the post below that I love watching.

Hope you enjoy!


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